How long will your pickled products last once opened?

Once opened this product has a recommended refrigerated shelf life of about 4 months. When taking product from the jar utensils are recommended (as opposed to your fingers) to prolong shelf life.

How long will your olives last once opened?

Our olive products will last up to 12 months once opened as long as they are properly handled and kept refrigerated. When taking product from the jar utensils are recommended (as opposed to your fingers) to prolong shelf life. If after some time, a white mold develops on the top of the surface, simply float it out and resume eating.

How long will Bloody Mary Mixes keep once opened?

Our Bloody Mary mixes will last up to 4-6 weeks once opened as long as they are kept refrigerated.

Do your products contain gluten?

The only products that Lehmann Farms produces that contain gluten are in the Bloody Mary mixes and BBQ sauces which contain soy sauce, also contain wheat. The ketchups are made in the same plant as the Bloody Mary mixes and BBQ sauces so they may have traces of gluten and are not recommended for people with extreme sensitivity to gluten.

For more information on celiac disease, go to

Where do your olives come from?

Our olives are imported from Spain. Spain is considered to produce the highest quality olives in the world.

Why are there white spots on my olives?

The white spots that you see on the olive are a naturally occurring result of the olive undergoing fermentation. It is harmless, and does not affect the taste of the olives.

Why are there white spots on my pickled asparagus?

The flecks are actually a protein buildup called rutin, a natural flavonoid in asparagus that sometimes reacts harmlessly with the vinegar. Rutin is created within pickled asparagus when asparagus is heated within an acid such as vinegar in the pickling process. Through this process, rutin is drawn out of the asparagus.

It then becomes insoluble in the vinegar and crystallizes on the asparagus. The flecks of rutin can have many great benefits. Rutin is a strong antioxidant, which can be effective against inflammation, cell damage and blood circulation problems. Rutin works well with vitamin C to fend off easy bruising, thin skin and unsightly veins.

Can I change or cancel my order?

To make a change or cancel your order, please contact customer service at 800.446.5276 or

Is the credit card info I submit secure?

Absolutely. Every step of the Lehmann Farms online ordering process that requests credit card information employs Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. SSL renders information unreadable if anyone should attempt to intercept it.

How do I submit a rating and a review for a product?

Thank you for taking the time to review products that you’ve purchased from Lehmann Farms. To write a review, go to the product page and click on the “Review” tab. Enter the information requested. Then write your comments regarding its quality, performance and ease of use. Please be as specific as possible in describing what you did or did not like about the product then click “Submit.”

When will my rating and review appear online?

It may take 3 to 5 business days before approved reviews appear on the site.

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